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For those never surf we are offered the beginner class and need to improve your experience with middle board size. Perhaps you are stuck in a rut where you just don’t seem to be improving, Maybe you just need a bit more water time and to try more wave variety to get to the next level, help is on hand. Our All-inclusive Surf Guiding Package is all about finding the right conditions to enhance your experience of riding green waves and get you performing basic maneuvers with confidence.please choose one of the surf trips you need it

Lombok Island is famous for its spectacular surf spots, so contact us by email or what's app to Booking Lombok holidays Tour and let’s learn how to surf at multiple spots with different types of waves through our special Lombok Surf Trips for Beginners!

Do not want to see the different surf spots Lombok has to offer, but simply want to learn how to surf.

During the first lesson of the Surf Trips we will teach you the basics of surfing:

  1. Water safety
  2. Surfing etiquette
  3. Wave dynamics
  4. Paddling a surfboard effectively
  5. Body positioning
  6. Catch waves, and
  7. Stand up on your surfboard and ride that wave

Furthermore the surf lesson you will learn as follows:

  1. Paddle a surfboard
  2. Choose and catch the best waves to surf
  3. Recognize and avoid dangers while surfing
  4. Enter and exit the surf zone
  5. Stand up on a surfboard
  6. Drop-in and ride a wave
  7. Apply proper surfing etiquette and safety rules
  8. Recognize different surfboard designs and functions
  9. Read the waves

In each of our surf lessons, we will focus on a particular aspect. However, our Beginner Surf Lessons emphasize safety and basic surfing fundamentals. As the ocean can be scary and over whelming for some beginning surfers, the important foundations of paddling, body positioning, water safety, and surfing etiquette are initially discussed on the beach. We take our guests to a good spot with small waves, like surfing coves, to help you catch your first waves easily and safely. Our ever-patient surf instructors will be with you in the water at all times to prove you with constant feedback. In this way, you will improve faster and gain confidence and awareness to surf by yourself as soon as possible.

Booking Lombok Holidays Tour Team have qualified and experienced surf instructors, dedicated to making learning how to surf safe and get a great experience!

Price per person, minimum of 2 persons 

  1. Beginner Surf Trips in North Lombok  ( Mangsit Beach )IDR 750.000 per person / per lesson
  2. Beginner Surf Trips in South West Lombok ( Selong blanak Beach ) IDR 900.000 per person / per lesson

Price included:

  1. Surf board rental (soft board to intermediate board, 7’6 long)
  2. Surf instructor
  3. Wet suite 
  4. Booties
  5. Board shorts
  6. Transport (including pick up service in Senggigi area)
  7. Mineral water
  8. First aid kits
  9. Inbound travel insurance
  10. Government tax


  1. alcohol drink 
  2. Tips and other personal expenses

Things to bring on lesson :

  1. Sun block
  2. Towel
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Dry clothes 

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