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Mandalika Resort is an under-construction integrated resort area in the island of lombok  It is designated as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) on Mandalika Beach, which stretches from the edge of kuta Lombok  the south coast of Lombok, and stretches along the coastline towards surfing spot Grupuk village of Central  Lombok regency. The Mandalika Resort area is approximately a 20 minute drive from  airport Lombok  ( LIA ) It was inagurated by Indonesian President joko widodo on 20 October, 2017.

The Mandalika Resort Development Project is planned to be undertaken on an about 1,200 hectares site in Kuta, Pujut sudistrict and has a projected value of US$3 billion, which include approx 7.5 kilometers of white-sand beaches. Plans have been detailed for hotel, villa and a high end resort projects. A formula one circuit, a plenary room for concert events, a seaport for excursions and other ships, and an integrated  Disneyland styled theme park, an underwater park, golf course, mangrove park, eco park, and a technical park have also been proposed Mandalika resort area is managed by Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), which has 5 beaches in southern part of Lombok, namely Kuta Beach, Serenting Beach, Aan Cape, Keliuw Beach and Gerupuk Beach. The area is 1,179 hectares will be divided in 3 zones:

  1. luxury residential in the west part
  2. Hotels, villas and public utilities in the central part
  3. Exclusive hotels and villas in the east part

Mandalika resort area is expected to have 2,000 hotel rooms and attract up to 2 million foreign tourists annually by 2019 Hotels under construction in the resort area are,

  1. Pullman Hotel 270 rooms, and its construction had begun in October 2017.
  2. Royal Tulip Hotel 198 rooms, was conducted on March 26, 2018.
  3. X2 Hotel- 240 rooms
  4. Club Med Hotel- 350 rooms
  5. Grand Mercure Hotel- 342 rooms,
  6. Aloft by Marriot Hotel, 173 rooms.
  7. The Paramount hotel project is being constructed on a plot of land measuring 7.65 hectares at a cost of Rp1.2 trillion. The hotel, with 400 rooms, is expected to be completed in 2020.

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Vinci Grand Projects, a subsidiary of France-based Vinci Group, is also interested in building the Mandalika Street Race Circuit Cluster, a venue for the world-class MotoGP race. The sports cluster and entertainment project, measuring 120 hectares, will include the construction of seven hotels, convention center, hospital, and other facilities for accommodation of international standard. As part of the conservation maintenance, the lush green hills that provide the stunning backdrop to the Mandalika Resort area will be set aside as a conservation area of over 3000 hectares. This area is home to many native species and will only be available for low impact activities such as cycling or hiking in order to minimize damage to the endemic flora and fauna.

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