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Shoping is one of the trend, end of holiday where ever human being travel,many things can take from the place weather like cloth, jewelry, antique etc, if traveler come to Lombok island, one of the paradise island east part of bali, just short flight, speed boat or slow ferry, it many things you can bring Home.

Lombok shoping potential defies the mass-produced stream of products many of us have come to associate with modern consumer culture. Pottery,basket weaving and textiles are the three main crafts produced in Lombok. This is a place where visitors should take advantage of local handmade, high-quality and unique products. Highly skilled craftsmen create jaw dropping skillful furniture, clothes and jewelry, the sort of stuff you won't find too often on anyone else mantelpiece or in wardrobes back home. Painstaking work goes into the production of these goods, with little compromise on the quality of the product. Eye watering price tags are few and far between so essentially you will pay less for more. As when in any foreign port of call, a good way to get to grips with the society around you is to venture down to a local market. The island is peppered with shops selling various apparel, furniture, crafts and jewelry. Keeping with the romantic theme of the island, pearls can be found in abundance. There are some things famous in Lombok island you may bring home as souvenir.

What available & Where to Shoping.


Fabrics and Textiles The Sukara traditional weaving village is the centre of Lombok's textile industry.The style of weaving is known as Ikat  meaning to tie or bind uses a 'resist dying' process similar to tie-dye and features symbols that refer to wealth, power and prestige. Typical items include sarongs, shirts, dresses and wall hangings. Ikat is usually done by men, while Songket is done by women, and is more complicated and passed down from generation to generation.Sukarara Traditional Weaving Village Fun and interesting, a local guide will show you the entire process, from growing the cotton, spinning the thread,brewing the natural dyes,and weaving on the looms. You can then decide if you want to buy something. a good place to see or buy a souvenier in sukarara PATUH ART SHOP. owner by Muhamad Amin is a good place, staff will welcome you & very friendly



Furniture The Indonesians are renowned for producing innovational, high-quality aesthetics, especially in the case of furniture. Using materials including bamboo, teak and rattan, much of the stuff produced here is exported and in much demand by westerners. While in Lombok you might as well see the products firsthand and at a cheaper price. The juxtaposition of visual simplicity and extreme skill make these ethnic pieces hugely harmonious when placed in an interior context amongst other pieces of furniture.



jewelry Lombok is a hub for jewelry production.The beauty of pearls here is that you need not go in search for them; they walk straight up to you.Beach vendors carry trays of pearls, in various shapes and sizes along the virgin sands of the should be careful with vendor, sometimes they sell platic peals, Lombok is most well known for producing the freshwater pearl. If you would prefer to get a receipt with your purchase, mostly dealing in wholesale is LIa Peals address Jalan adi sucipto 77 ampenan. aviable many kind peals with new style, If you want a personal reminder of your time in Lombok, then a little accessory might be just the way to do it.


Pottery and Figurines It is not unusual for potters in the west to call their shops or brands,The pottery produced in this region of the globe is highly regarded for its intricate markings and originality. The process of creating these pieces is a long one,one in which hours and hours are applied to the production of these handmade crafts. Penujak, Banyumulek and Masbagik are the three main villages for pottery, each with their own distinct style and creative process. The rise in demand for Pottery from Lombok over recent years can be accounted for by its versatility and ability to fuse with materials such as bamboo, rattan and various other house-friendly textures. Berkat sabar art shop. 5km to the south of Lombok's capital city of Mataram is the village of Banyumulek. Here potters produce an incredible variety of earthenware used for many purposes, including instruments for preparing and serving of food and house ornaments.

Limestone carving

Another of Lombok’s local craft items that is quickly gaining popularity with tourists is limestone carving. Visitors in search of one of Lombok’s hand chiselled masterpieces should head towards the villages of Labuapi and Rungkang Jangkuk. Most of the pieces on offer are inspired by natural motifs, and can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cloth,Tshirt,small souvenir

Sasaku souvenir supermarket Shop location in Jl Raya senggigi,montong,sell all kind of souvenir pure from Lombok, Items Sasaku sells are varied and types such as beach cloth, batik, purse, ethnic wallet, handicrafts, carvings,masks, sandals painted, snacks and others are all labeled made in Lombok. Walking around in a spacious, clean and comfortable shop accompanied by staff who are mostly women will make the visitors feel at home for long time to pick out the items they want to buy


Sade village

famous for ikat weaving and handicrafts from the hands results of the women in this village. Almost every house selling souvenir , just as necklaces, bracelets, key chains and more. As well as an interesting activity sade women who were weaving. Since teenage Sade's women are taught to weave by their parents, it's for cultural regeneration so in the future Sade's ikat weaving not extinct eroded by time.



The capital of the island actually comprises several small towns that include Ampenan, Mataram, Cakranegara, Bertais and Sweta. The city is home to over a million people, so if you are in search of a supermarket,big in Lombok mataram mall & epicentrum. Shoppers in need of a Western fix can throw down some cash at the Mataram Mall a multi-story complex that is by no means the high-end shopping experience you might expect in some of Indonesia’s other cities, but nevertheless home to a supermarket, a number of clothes shops and a range of food stalls.


This is the city’s business district, and a nucleus for most of the shops, as well as a large fresh produce market. The small streets are usually packed with people browsing the stalls that line the road, and for people that have never visited a typical Asian market before it can be quite an experience. A stroll through Mataram backstreets will reveal a whole host of items for sale, from gold, pearls and jewellery to spare motorbike parts. If you don’t feel up to navigating the maze of backstreet stalls on your own, it is often possible to organise a guide to help you find your way around the crowded streets to all the best shopping stops. For the full Indonesian experience, some visitors head to Pasar Bertais, one of Mataram’s local markets. Located near the city’s bus terminal, the market is a crammed with fresh produce including fruits, vegetables and large baskets of spices whose smells permeate the entire area.


Let”s come to lombok & see the things for your souvenir with us

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