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Mataram The Capital of Lombok

Mataram is the administrative capital of Province Nusa Tenggara Barat. Public buildings, banks, post office, general hospitals and shopping malls are found here. A part of West Nusa Tenggara province, Mataram is the capital and main city of Lombok. It includes the port town of Ampenan, the town of Mataram, Sweta and Cakranegara. As a center of government administration, Mataram has many large, public buildings and substantial houses include Governor office, Mataram university and  two public hospital. Public hospital province and new mataram public hospital. The city also has transportation and shopping facilities. The main square is used for art exhibitions, theater and dance performances. In other parts of Mataram, there are a variety of old-style markets and neighborhoods featuring traditional craft work like basket ware and gold and silver-threaded sarongs or garments. The port of Ampenan was once Lombok's main port, but it now relies mostly on fishing vessels. Cakranegara has significant Balinese and Chinese populations, the Chinese having been brought by the Dutch to provide cheap labor. The town is easy reach from Lombok international airport about one hours drive by taxi or Airport shuttle bus and Lembar sea port just 45 minutes drive with public bus or taxi argo meter.


Getting to Mataram

Airport shuttle bus

A public bus service is available from Bandara Internasional Lombok to service passengers wishing to travel to and from either Mataram or Senggigi. The 8 DAMRI buses serving the route have a capacity of approximately 40 passengers, 10 further buses with a 20 passenger are expected to complement the fleet but have not been delivered. They are new air-conditioned buses and are white in colour. DAMRI services depart from their office located in eastern Mataram on Jl. Tuan Guru Faisal (a three minute taxi ride from the Mandalinka Bus Station) every hour and proceed to the airport, commencing at 04:00 with the last bus leaving that terminal at 19:00.The fare from/to the Mataram is Rp 25,000.DAMRI services are also provided to connect Senggigi to the airport departing Senggigi from 03:00 and then every 1.5 hr until the last departure from Senggigi at 20:00. Some airport buses may provide services between Mandelika and Senggigi. In the last coup[le of months these services have not been accurately following the published schedules, ensure you leave plenty of buffer time if catching a departing flight. Taxi are normally available at the terminal for travel onward to other areas.

By boat

The port of lembar is 22 km south of Mataram. There are ferries every 90 minutes or so, 24 hours a day, from padang bai on bali  with the trip taking 4-5 hours. Any volunteer "porters" who carry your bags will expect at least Rp. 25,000 or more.please do not except.say carry by your own.some porter push to carry end will charge you Rp.50.000.per luggage

By bemo

If you arrive with the Ferry from Padang Bay (Bali) in Lembar, you can take a bemo on the first street you get in, when you walk out of the harbor. You will find plenty of guys, who try to offer you a seat to Mataram. Be careful: You realy have to negotiate the price for the ride. You should get it for Rp.15.000 maximum per not entered to bemo before you ask the price.

Get around

By taxi

Taxi fares are quite reasonable if they use the meter. Some drivers may try and enforce a 20,000rp minimum. Blue bird Lombok Taksi,+62 370 627000, is the most common taxi available in Mataram. Both the Bluebird and white coloured Express Taksi have a radio despatch system and both companies cars are equiped with meters which should be used by their drivers at all times. Flag fall is approximately Rp 6,000 and the meter ticks up a few hundred rupiah for every hundred meters past 2 km. Taxis can be booked in advance either by calling them yourself or by booking through your hotel. Taxis may be hailed down on the street anywhere around Mataram with the exception of the dark blue Airport Taksi the use of which is limited to arriving airport passengers only.

By bemo

Bemos run many set routes in and around Mataram,Ampenan and Cakranegara.They may be flagged down anywhere on the streets of Mataram. Bemo can sometimes be crowded and may stop and start frequently to pick up and set down passengers or to tout for business. Sometimes trips can get a bit drawn out. Beware of pickpockets as they often prey on passengers especially around the Cakranegara routes. These pickpockets can be persistent even if their activities are detected. It may be more straight forward and possibly less expensive to take an airconditioned taxi especially if there are 2 or more persons in your group.

By ojek/Gojek

Prices are negotiable but a rule of thumb is Rp 5,000-10,000 for a short trip with a local motorbike rider if the destination is nearby, longer distances will require some informed negotiation.

By horsecart

Horse carts known as cidomo remain a common means of transport in Mataram and they are often found operating throughout the congested streets near a pasar or produce market. Public bemos and metered taxis are more commonly used for transport in and around Mataram.

By car

Renting a car is a possible alternative in Mataram. It will cost around Rp 400 000-Rp 500000 for a Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia 2-4 seat,per day  Rp 75,000- Rp 950.00 for a Toyota Kijang inova with 5-6 seats. Age and condition of car will effect price as will high rental demand in the peak tourism period around the June-August and local holidays. Rental periods should be for 24hours.Or contact local agent Booking Lombok holidays Tour seluler & whats app :+62818365070

See interesting place (History)

Mayura Garden Taman Mayura is a water palace built in 1744. This was a location of some of the fierce battles that took place between Dutch and Balinese forces in 1894.

Narmada Park (Taman Narmada). Located 10 km east of Mataram, this park was the relaxation place for the king during the time of feudalism. This park has a Hindu temple and swimming pool. It also has a fountain which is called "Youth Fountain", believed to give long life to a person that drinks its water. Entry fee for this park is cheap, at around Rp 4000 and 'Foreigners' are sometimes charged a posted entrance fee of Rp 10,000. Despite this awkward entrance fee aberration the staff at Taman Narmada are pleasant and helpful and they often just overlook imposing this "Foreigner" fee just welcoming all people with equal enthusiasm and at the normal entrance fees. Despite the venue being a little run-down it has a feel of celebration about it especially on Sundays and is very popular with the people of Lombok who flock there to picnic and swim in a large swimming pool fed by fresh water forest springs. It is a great place to see Lombok people at play.

Photo Gallery:

Museum Negeri Nusa Tenggara Barat  Jl Panji Tilar Negara 6.mataram +62 62 Tues-Thu & Sat-Sun 08:00-14:00, Fri 08:00-11:00. The NTB museum has exhibits on the geology, history and culture of Lombok and nearby Sumbawa

Meru Temple : a hindu temple builit by kingdom anak agung made karang 1719.located jalan anak agung gde ngurah cakranegara kingdom from bali karang asem.


Cakranegara. has the greatest concentration of retail outlets and a produce market. There are a few interesting small shops above the markets and a large area to the rear of the fresh produce area containing a considerable number of clothing and homeware vendors. It is an often dark and confusing maze of little corridors and goods so travellers who are not used to tightly packed and slightly chaotic asian market environments might find it best to stick with the more predictable Mataram Mall. The streets of Cakra have a wide assortment of shops lining the roads selling a wide range of goods. Some of the guides in Senggigi and especially Mangsit may be prepared to take a visitor on a trip to the markets and shops of Cakra.

Mataram Mall. Lombok's premier shopping mall (don't get too excited), has a Tiara department store, a small Hero supermarket (where you can buy beer at the counter) plus fast-food favorites including McDonalds and KFC. 

Epicentrum Mall, Jl. Sriwijaya No. 333. Epicentrum mall is a more modern, "western" shopping mall some 4km from Mataram mall. Including Starbucks, KFC, Levis and more. Here is Lomboks only Cinema, playing movies in English with Indonesian subtitles, and a big hypermart supermarket. 

MGM supermarket, Jl Arief rahman Hakim. sells a wide range of items on two levels and has some interesting shops surrounding the car park at the rear. 

Guide shopping tours. This is a good idea if you want to find your way around the markets and backstreets of Mataram, Ampenan and Cakranegara more easily and possible arrive at some places you might otherwise not discover. Choose your guide carefully and it could be a most interesting outing or just find your own way around. There is everything from second hand motor bike parts, cooking equipment, bric-a-brac antiques and reproductions to gold, pearls and costume jewellery. Much of it is presented in an apparent maze of reasonably civilised chaos whilst other parts are very quiet and laid back. Bargaining and price enquiry is essential in the smaller shops and the market areas. Larger shops in the Mall and the supermarkets have fixed and marked prices on their goods.


Some restaurants in Mataram will serve cold beer as do the hotels but do not expect a wine list to be available in other than a large and substantial hotel. You can buy (cold) beer at the counter of the supermarket in Mataram Mall.Public drinking of alcohol or drunkenness is not condoned in any part of Lombok including Mataram. Many restaurants and eating houses have an excellent range of local fruit juices, tea including ginger tea and local coffee ( lombok coffee ) at very moderate prices.


  1. Lombok Raya Hotel, located near Mataram Mall
  2. Arianz Hotel, located at Jalan Catur Warga
  3. Bale Rama Hotel, located at Cakranegara area, near Mataram Mall
  4. Sahid Legi Hotel, at the south side
  5. Nitour Hotel, Ampenan 
  6. Santika hotel
  7. Lombok Plaza
  8. Idoop Hotel
  9. Palm Hotel
  10. Lombok Garden
  11. Santi puri
  12. Aston hotel
  13. Palm Hotel

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