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East lombok

East Lombok is one of the region in province of west nusa tenggara indonesia.the capital city is selong.The regncy has an area 1.605.55 km2 with the population 1.105.582 cencus 2010.Geographically east lombok regency is located between 116-117  east longitude and between 8-9 south latitude. The total area of east Lombok district is 2679.88 Km2 consisting of a land area of 1605.55 km2 ( 59.91%) and a sea area of 1074.33 Km2 ( 40.09% )

In this rea a variety of petential peals shell.some of the area used for cultivation of pearl oysters.In addition to pearl this area is also an area producing quite a lot of fish.some natural harbor formed as marine fish production centerrs. such as labuahan Lombok, Tanjung Luar, Labuhan haji and others . Unfortunately this potential is not followed by an increase in the econiomic value of products through post harvest processing . In addition there is seaweed forming managed by the poeple reiding in the coastal area.Some o famous tourism spot in this arae ranging from the high land /montanious to its beaches and under water view, such as Rinjani mountain, sembalun,Aik temek, otak kokok waterfall, tetebatu, green velley, Kaliantan, Gili sunut, Ringgit cape, ekas beach, nirwana beach, Gili Kondo and many others to offer.

Getting to East Lombok
There is a few alternatives to get East Lombok:

Coming from Lembar Harbor, you can go straight to East Lombok by Shuttle Bus or Taxi available on call for 24 hours

If you are coming by Plane from Lombok International airport, ask for Airport Taxi services, they will drive you to your destination.or take airport bus till in selong station

Public transportation or Bemos are available from 06 am to 05 pm.or local transport around east lombok name cidomo ( Horse cart) you find around local market or in there villages


Mandalika Bus station is the main bus terminal for the entire island. It's also the eastern termin to masbagik,selong and labuahan Lombok. The official fares had just been increast at the time writing. Public fare is Rp. 15.000/person . make sure you have fix money to pay, otherwise often there's no return on changes. Lombok Taxi Tel: 0370 627000, or Lendang Express taxi Tel: 0370 644444 available 24 hours a day.

Accomodation in east Lombok

Wisma Sujono(tetebatu)

Pondok Bulan (tetebatu)

Pondok Gili Lampu

Losmen Lima tiga(Labuahan kayangan)

Losmen Munawar ( Labuahan Kayangan)

Losmen Munawar (kayangan)

Losmen aik Manis (Kayangan)

Pondok sembalun

Pondok Por doe

Cenara Siu ( sembalun lawang )

Puri Rinjani sembalun

Heaven On Planet (ekas bay)

Jeva beloam (pantai beloam)

There are not much option accommodation in this area, the accommodation range from one star hotel to basic home stay. most of the accommodation located at Tete Batu Village such Ori Inn, and Sudjono Hotel.


Most of the restaurant (Rumah Makan) is served traditional and Indonesia cuisine. If you overnight in tourist area like in tetebatu every hotel has own restaurant, provide local menu and international

1.Sangkareang (Lenek)

1.Carpio (lenek)

3 pelanggi (tetebatu)

4.Tete Batu (tetebatu)

5.Harmini ( mtetebatu)

6.surabaya ( kayangan Labuahan Lombok

7.Sederhana (kayangan Lombok)

8.Embojo dompu ( Kayangan Lombok)

9. Dian sari( Kayangan Lombok)

10.Rinjani (Labuhan Lombok )

Places Of Interest :

Sembalun Lawang, Situated on the cool eastern slopes of Mt. Rinjani like alost mountain hideaway, Sembalun Lawang whisch reside in the remains of a huge caldera, offers impressive views of the awesome mountain. Rinjani Peak appear so close, like you could touch it. The quickest trail to climb up the peak of Rinajani mount.

Loyok Central Handicraft, short distance drive from Kota Raja, Loyok and its surrounding area, is famous for the Bamboo crafts  produces. Most of the local are created by skilled craftsmen working studiously each day on an amazing array of products.

Otak Kokok Gading & Jeruk Manis Waterfall Located 40 km east of Mataram, this area is famous, its waterfall, whose belived to cure diseases. Jeruk Manis waterfall lies in lush natural forest. Local people call this impresive fall Aik Temer,  because they belive its water are able to cure baldness.

Tete Batu, located on the southern slopes of Gunung Rinjani, is a cool mountain retreat with beautiful rice terraces forest and bright green field of crops and tobacco on surrounding slopes. it's wet and misty during the rainy season, cool and lush during the dry, its a lovely place for walking or day trip with lunch at local restaurants.

Gili Lampu, Gili Sulat, Gili Lawang These three islands lie off the coast of north - east Lombok. The sea around these white sandy jewels are home to an amazing array of colourful marine life, making it an ideal place to swim and snorkel. The island can be reached by boat from Labuhan Lombok.

Grave of Selaparang Its a sacred grave of Selaparang King. This grave is located at Presak village Pringgabaya. Its about sixty kilometers form Mataram.

Pink beutiful beach, about 120 km from mataram, it able take car from jero waru.or take loca l boat from tanjung luar

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Gili Sunut. Small island close pink beach,quite island. can reached from tanjung Luar by boat/sampan.nice for swimm and snorkeling

Tanjung Bloam, Nice beach along quite beach, are one hotel with luxerious room and fasilities Jeva bloam hotel

Tanjung Ringgit :located est south area in east lombok .Hill places with topography in the form of steep cliffts.Tanjung Ringgit, Tanjung perak, Tanjung China present view of the beach with the other shades can be seen from this location the endless of indaian ocean.

Kaliantan Beach one of the tourist area of the south part east lombok, jerwaru precisely in the district.Kaliantan beach can reached via the route of travel mataram to the ease towardsease lombok with a travel time 1 hour continuing southward through the district sikur-sakra-jerowaru-pemongkong-kaliantan with additional travel time approximately 90 minutes.

Paradise Beach the baeach area is one of the coastal area part of ekas.Beach with stunning natural panorama,whie sand with sand granular size of peppercorns. In addition to the cultural pearl and seaweed area managed by some of company that have partnered with local community.

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