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Pertamina or Petrol station is a place refueling station for motor vehicles & Car, the Fuel Filling Station is known as SPBU (abbreviation of the General Fuel Filling Station) In Lombok island around 3-5km you will find SPBU,Fuel Filling Stations in general provide several types of fuel as follows:

  • Gasoline : IDR : 6.550/per litter  
  • Pertalite : IDR 7.800/per Litter 
  • Pertamax : IDR.8.900/ per litter
  • Solar : IDR.5.150/per litter
  • LPG  3 kg : IDR.18.000
  • LPG  12 kg :IDR 143.100

Many fuel filling Stations also provide additional services, musholla (small Mosque), wind pump, toilet and others. Modern Fuel Filling Station, usually equipped with minimarkets and ATM.No wonder the Fuel Station is also a meeting point or rest area.In fact, there are several Fuel Filling Stations, especially on inter city roads, have coffee shops like fast food restaurants in various brands.In Indonesia the Fuel Filling Station is guarded by officers who load fuel to customers.The subscriber then pays the charging fee to the officer.

Hereby below address petrol station in Lombok Island

Mataram Area

SPBU working hours
Pejarakan ampenan 06.00- 23.00 pm
Lanud ampenan 06.00- 23.00 pm
Kekalik mataram 06.00- 23.00 pm
pagesangan 06.00- 23.00 pm
Jalan Lingkar selatan 06.00- 23.00 pm
Karang jangkong 06.00- 23.00 pm
Mayura 06.00- 23.00 pm
Jalan Lingkar Utara 06.00- 23.00 pm


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