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Gunung Rinjani (Mount Rinjani) is second highest volcano in Indonesia, located on Lombok island, part of Nusa Tenggara Barat Province. Its is an active volcano, rises to 3,726 meters (12,224 ft), becomes one of the over 40 National Parks throughout Indonesia since 1997 with name Taman National Gunung Rinjani (TNGR).Mount Rinjani caldera formed oval-shaped 6 km by 8.5 km, filled partially by the crater lake known as Danau Segara Anak. The lake altitude on 2000 meters above sea level with some point estimated around 200 meters deep, the caldera also contains hot springs. In the lake can be found several species of fish and the endemic duck called Belibis.


The eruptive history of Rinjani prior to 1847 is not available as the island of Lombok is in a location that remained very remote to the record keeping of the era. First historical eruption occurred in September 1847 have been restricted to Barujari cone and the Rombongan dome (in 1944) and consist of moderate explosive activity and occasional lava flows that have entered

Segara Anak lake. The most significant eruptions occurred during a spate of activity from 1994 to 1995 which was resulted in the further development of Gunung Barujari. (Mt.Baru 2363). The latest eruption occurred since April 2009 and October 2015 ashes flew till in java around Banyuwangi,in that time Three airport were closed during mount baru jari eruption Airport Lombok, Airport Bali and Airport banyuwangi ,the park was closed due to high activity of the volcanic and subsequently reopened when the activity decreased however its still not allowed to come close near Gunung Barujari (Mt. Baru) because the volcano still erupting ashes regularly and strong smell of sulfur.The trekkers now able to visit Senaru Crater Rim,Segara Anak Lake, Hot spring, Mount Rinjani Summit and Sembalun crater Rim.

Interesting Places around mount rinjani

1.Waterfall Sendang Gila & Tiu Kelep

Sendang Gila with the distance 60 km from capital west nusa tenggara,take about 2-3 hours hours with car to get to this amazing waterfall.this waterfall is located at.600m above sea level and has two level waterfall. Legend said that waterfall name was taken from the villages that found this waterfall when they hunted a grazy lion attached them.people also believe, if you wash your face there,you will look younger one year than your real age. From the entering gate in senaru village, visitor have to walk through 315 stair step which is take around 20 minutes.All the effort to the waterfall is worth,since its amazing panorama,clear water and beatiful waterfall. just a little bit futher there is a second waterfall named Tui Kelep the view in there even more astonishing

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2.Bayan Mosque

Bayan Beleq mosque is located around 80 km from Mataram, and becomes the most wanted attraction for the local or foreign visitors. The visitors are not the Islam wetu telu followers only, but also those who want to know the history of Islam in Lombok

This mosque was built by Syeh Gaus Abdul Razak, one of Islam missionary in Bayan in 16th century. The mosque has square shape with wall’s height around 125 cm. the wall is made from bamboo weaving which stands on stone foundation as high as an adult’s waist. The roof is shape like meru and in the top of it there is wood decoration which shape like a crown. The shape of the roof building describes the Hindu-Java influence which came before Islam.

In front of the mosque, precisely in the north side of the mosque door, there is a gentong (an earthen pot uses to keep water supply). The gentong is sat and tied to a semboja tree. This gentong functions to keep the water for wudhu (an Islam procedure to clean the body before praying).to enter the mosque, you have to bow a bit. Inside the mosque, you will see floor from land, and an old big bedug (a large suspended drum used to signal the time for Islamic prayers to begin) which still well preserved. The four pillars of the mosque symbolize the unity of four villages which contributed in building the mosque.

You could also see two decorations in the shape of fish and bird above those pillars. Every decoration has its own meaning. Fish is a creature lives in water and has a meaning as a lower life / earthly. While the bird is described as a life after death. The meaning is that every faithful human should be able to balance the earthly and heavenly life. Besides, you could also see the decorations in the shape od tree, egg, chicken and dragon hanging above the altar. In the dragon’s body there are three birds which represent Islam wetu telu.Islam wetu telu is a teaching which hold on three things : religion, custom and government. Wetu telu is a reflection of the history of human kind on earth, which was born as a will of God through parents as a media.

Besides the mosque as the main building, you will see six other buildings surround it. The size are different. Inside these six buildings, there is Bayan moslem ancestor’s grave . you could also see four graves with different size and irregular position in the south side of the mosque. Underneath the graves, has been buried the first people of Bayan who hold Islam Lombok and the first Islam missionary in Bayan. In the north side of the mosque, there are two graves, one is belongs to Syekh Gaus Abdul Razak,and Titi mas penghulu

3.Communities and Lifestyles
According to the percentage of population on Lombok Island are mostly sasak ethnics, most slopes surround Mt. Rinjani National Park populated by the indigenous Sasak population and only some small area found group of balinese stay side by side.For Sasak and Balinese people of Lombok revered Mt. Rinjani as a secret place and abode of deities, Segara Anak crater lake is the destination of thousand of pilgrims. They do secret annual ceremony on beginningof rain season, place offerings in the water and wish to a good intensity of the rains during rain season for farming, bathe away disease in the hot springs.The highlands are forest clad and mostly undeveloped. The lowlands are highly cultivated by the local people who lives around. The major crops grown in the fertile soils of the island are rice, soybeans, coffee, tobacco, cotton, cinnamon, cacao, cloves, cassava, corn, coconuts, copra, bananas and vanilla.

4.Senaru Vllage. a old village,where people there still life harmony and follower moslem watu telu,built all made from bamboo and touch grass.floor made from cow dung.the places ending of the road and start & finish trek to rinjani mountain.


Trekking to Mt. Rinjani National Park
The Rinjani trek is a challenging mountain walk and you must be prepared with good equipment,warm and windproof clothing. Rinjani can attract severe storms, lightening and strong winds.When the weather is settled the sun is intense and the nights frosty.Parts of the trail are steep and slippery.Beware of bad weather and risks of exposure to the wet and cold (hypothermia). If caught in an electrical storm, take shelter and avoid prominent ridges. Beware of stinging insects and plants. Leeches can be a nuisance in the wet season.People who has mountain sickness and height phobia not recommended to trek activities on Mount Rinjani, its a risk because evacuation access to trek is very limit by car or an helicopter. For first emergency help or evacuation in case of any accident is done by human power until to the road head where the car or other transportation could reach it. All trekkers should well prepare in advance with their physical fitness and health to gain walk in long distance of Mount Rinjani trek trails before commencing the trip. Strictly rule of trekking to Mt. Rinjani, Lombok is not allowed trekking without trekking guide assistance.Trekking to mount rinjani only through legal gate and buy entrance ticket Rp. 150.000 per person/per day each entrance the national park of Gunung Rinjani. Book your trip to Mt. Rinjani only through licensed trek organizer or travel agency.

Volcanic Hazards: 
Although Mt.Rinjani has not erupted in recorded history,mount Baru jari (2,351m) in the crater lake is an active volcano. It was erupted dramatically in 1994. After 10 years periodically actives on 2004 ,2009 and latest 2015 resulting new crater on body side of Gunung Baru Jari.Check the notice boards for recent hazards, and take advice from park staff and  trek guides.

Spring Water: 
Fresh water springs are a feature of the trek and determine campsites. Your guide knows where these are. During the drier months ( July - September) some springs completely disappear. Park staff and guides mountain constantly monitor these water sources to determine their abundance.

Our Philosophy
We deal largely in ecotourism & adventure travel, but for us adventures are not just the rugged kind. An adventure can take many forms and need involve little that is overly strenuous to us every trip is a voyage of discovery and hence an adventure. The guiding philosophy behind each is that the trip be environmentally friendly and sustainable.This means impacting as little as possible on the peoples and places we visit, always respecting the distinctiveness and special qualities of each. 

The way we do it must be environmentally friendly as well as economically and physically efficient.This means we trek, cook, camp and shows you more of the things with care and attentions. We use mechanized transport when we have to cover long distances in limited time, even so, we use local modes of transportation as far as possible to maximize exposure to the local lifestyles and to get close to the people. As a consequence during the tours there is a lot of opportunity to learn about and from the indigenous peoples.

Telephone Communication: 
Cell phone (GSM) covers most area of Rinjani National Park. Most guide carry their own mobile phone. Not all cellular operators can be used. XL, Mentari and Simpati are recommended. 

Booking Mount Rinjani Trekking:
Book your trip to Mt. Rinjani through licensed Rinjani trek organizer or travel agency, its more safe and you will get more maximal service with the money that you spend for it as they expecting any recommendation and good feedback from you.If you buy the trip from street vendor which is offering you cheap price they will give you minimal service too and there is no where you can address your complaining. Most of them are unlicensed too.For hussle your trekking program in Lombok please contact by phone, whats app or write email us for advise and suggestion regarding your trekking to: or, Mobile phone 24 hours online & whats app :+62818365070.more information Mount rinjani trek click.

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