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Senggigi beach

Senggigi Beach has something for everyone thanks to its size and versatility. The southern part is perfect for sunbathing and offers plenty of space for all kinds of activities on the beach. The headland in the middle part offers a great opportunity for snorkeling and makes surfers' hearts beat faster. In the northern part is the harbour, from which all important points of Lombok itself, but also from the surrounding islands like Bali or the Gilis can be reached. Here you will also find great restaurants and many other interesting shopping opportunities in addition to the Art Market. The city of Senggigi itself leaves nothing to be desired by party-happy or enterprising people

As the name suggests, Senggigi Beach is located in the well-known tourist centre of  lombok Senggigi. From time to time it is divided into Senggigi Bay and Senggigi Beach. Practically, however, there is no separation here and the locals do not know any distinction either. The public parking lot is located in the middle between the two beach sections, approx. 300 m from the main road. The easiest way to find the parking lot is to watch out for the big sign of the Kila Hotel on the main road. Coming from the parking lot, you first pass a few stalls, which offer the well-known souvenirs, and then arrive directly at one of the most important points at Senggigi Beach: The harbour. This is a great starting point to reach one of the nearby islands or to book one of the many interesting tours around Lombok and Bali.

When you leave the beach from the harbour in a southerly direction, after a short time you arrive at the promontory, which offers excellent conditions for surfing and snorkelling. Here you will always find local anglers who challenge their fishing luck with some very interesting fishing techniques. Further south you pass some hotel complexes and a few nice restaurants, which can score with a great beach view. The oldest restaurant in Senggigi, the Sunshine Restaurant, is located here. South of the headland it is generally a little quieter than in the northern part. The northern part of Senggigi Beaches

The northern part is dominated on the one hand by the fishing boats there and on the other hand by great restaurants, shopping facilities and water sports providers. Here you will find some of Senggigi's best restaurants serving their food directly on the beach. Especially in the evening, the restaurants exude a great flair and invite you to enjoy the sunset with a cool drink. At the Art Market, which is less than 50 m behind the beach, you will find a large selection of locally produced souvenirs and art objects and can also choose from a wide range of sports offered by various water sports providers. During the high season from July to August the beach can be full, especially on weekends. During the week and off-season, like most beaches in Lombok, it is pleasantly empty.

Senggigi is called the tourist centre of Lombok. This becomes particularly clear in the evening when many of the well-known bars and nightclubs open their doors. From live music to karaoke and nightclubs, you will find everything your enterprising heart desires. There are also numerous tour operators offering interesting tours throughout Lombok and the surrounding islands such as Komodo, Flores or the Gili Islands. Whether as a quiet couple, single or with the whole family, Senggigi Beach offers the right thing for everyone.

Kerandangan beach

Kerandangan Beach is quite central, not far from Lombok's tourist centre Senggigi. The long and beautiful beach is very natural, apart from a few bamboo huts, which are only managed temporarily. It offers plenty of space for sun worshippers and beach activities, as it is usually only visited on weekends or holidays, if at all. In terms of water sports, Kerandangan Beach is rather the second choice, as it can only please a few advanced surfers and does not offer a rental service. The great natural scenery in the form of a palm forest and a breathtaking sunset, however, more than compensate for this.

The Kerandangan Beach is located north of the more famous Senggigi Beach, not far from the tourist center Lombok Senggigi. From there it is easy to reach by scooter or car in less than 10 minutes. For a small parking fee you can drive your vehicle directly to the beach and park there. Characteristic for this beach is the palm forest, which lines almost the entire hinterland of the beach and offers a really great scenery. At the beach itself there are countless small warungs, which are only occupied on weekends. Apart from these small bamboo huts, the beach is completely natural and the fine and long beach invites for an extensive walk on the beach. It also offers space for all kinds of beach sports. Own equipment is required. The clean water invites you to swim and only at the northern end should you pay attention to the rocks.

The Kerandangan Beach is not very famous for its water sports qualities. Advanced surfers will definitely find some good waves here. However, because of the rocks already mentioned, some of which are just below the water surface, caution is also required here. You won't find water sports providers here among other shops. Apart from the bamboo huts, which are only temporarily occupied, the only two restaurants are located at the northern and southern end of the beach respectively. Kerandangan Beach is mainly visited by locals. That's why it only gets a little crowded here on Sundays, if at all. Saturday is a general working day in Indonesia. Especially on big Indonesian holidays like at the beginning or at the end of the month of fasting or around New Year, one has to reckon with a relatively large number of people on the beach. Otherwise this beach is deserted especially during the week and one can relax here wonderfully undisturbed and enjoy a dreamlike sunset.

Tebing Beach

Beaches in Lombok is famous for its beauty. Although the beaches in North Lombok are not as beautiful as in South or East Lombok, there is one beach in North Lombok which is pretty nice and interesting to visit, That is Tebing beach in North Lombok. Tebing beach is located at Luk Hamlet, Sambik Village Bangkol, Gangga, North Lombok. It is located exactly is behind Junior High School 2 Gangga, North Lombok.

If you ask about Tebing Beach to fishermen who you meet on the street, they may be less familiar with the name. Others  Tebing beach call it Luk Beach, since the beach is located in Luk hamlet. Hopefully the various names do not make you confused, but instead will make it easier for you to ask.

Tebing beach located in North Lombok, is a black sandy beach. Both the land and the sea area of this beach are very clean. Ndeed, cleanliness in this Tebing beach is well maintained. This is evidenced by the flourishing coral reef on this beach.

It is called Tebing or Cliff beach, because it has a 20 meters high cliff. Its formation is actually originally from the hot sediment containing fragments of coral caused by tsunami resulting from the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815. So do not be surprised if you see the limestone on this cliffs is easily broken. Although it is called Tebing or Cliff beach, this beach is not a place for rock climbing exercise. Approximately 5 meters from the beach, you will find a lot of people fishing and bathing.

To go to Tebing beach in North Lombok, is very easy. If you depart from Mataram which is about 80 Km from the beach , it will take about a half hour by car. While from Tanjung which is the nearest town you only need about 15-20 minutes. You just drive to the east , then you’ll find Gangga Junior High School. The location of Tebing beach is right behind this school . Access road to the entrance of is approximately 200 meters.

Sire beach lombok

Sire Beach is about 1 hour from the capital Mataram and only a few meters from the big harbour in Bengsal, which is located directly next to the beach in the northwest of Lombok. The Sire Beach has both public and non-public beach sections, which are distributed more or less alternately over the 5 km long beach. The private beaches, which are usually a bit tidier and cleaner than the public sections, including the beach furniture, can, however, be easily shared if you eat something in the restaurants or pay an entrance fee at the hotel. In the evening you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset and be pampered with delicious meals and many other offers in one of the hotels

Sire Beach is located in the northwest of Lombok and is about an hour away from the capital Mataram. If you arrive from there, you have the choice between the coastal road and the Monkey Mountain, which really lives up to its name. The harbour in Bangsal, which is directly adjacent to the beach, is the starting point for most of the boats that leave for the Gilis or come from there, because it is the closest harbour to the Gilis. Since the Sire Beach with its 5 km is very long, in its case several ways lead to the desired goal. There are some access roads and small paths, which are not really signposted, but still often lead to an undisturbed and beautiful spot on the beach. Here, however, you should feel safe in the guide of the scooter. Otherwise, follow the signs to the big hotels directly on the beach.

Sire Beach has several public and several private beach sections that belong to the hotels. Private in this case does not mean  no admittance,  but refers above all to all facilities such as beach furniture and sanitary facilities, which belong to the hotels and restaurants themselves. If you are not a guest of the hotel, however, you still have the possibility to enjoy the service and these specially maintained beach sections by taking something in the restaurants or paying an entrance fee at the entrance of the hotel.

The largest public section is in the northeast of the beach. Here it is unfortunately a bit more untidy than at the private sections and also a bit trashed. However, there are also public sections, which do not take second place to private ones. But if you plan to have something to eat or drink during your stay at the beach anyway, a visit to the private beaches is definitely worthwhile. Most hotels offer some water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling or kayaking. Much more possibilities are not really available on Sire Beach, as it is very windless on the one hand and has a very calm sea on the other. One man's suffering is another man's joy: this beach is therefore ideal for swimming and undisturbed sunbathing. It is very empty almost the whole year round and only in the two main months of July and August it can be a bit fuller. A quiet place you will find on this beach but guaranteed.

Sekotong beach

Sekotong Beach is blessed with its gorgeous sunrise and sunset. Actually the sun rises from the other side of the bay, but as it rises up and peeks from behind the hill it emanates soft orange hues that gradually mixes with pale pink. Before you know it, it turns bright orange sunny sky, creating dramatic silhouette of boats and trees.

In one of the mornings, we were enjoying the sunrise view accompanied by a stray dog. I’m actually scared of dogs but this one was quiet and managed to keep her distance. She just sort of hung out around us and gave me that pitiful stare, so I just had to share my chocolate bread. It was a sweet sunrise moment for me especially because of the extra company.

About 12 hours after sunrise on our first full day in Sekotong, we and other two German girls were awed by the sunset hues. It ranged from orange to purple!

The sunrise moment happened betweet 5.30 until about 6.30 a.m. and sunset was about 6 – 7 p.m. Both sunrise and sunset in Indonesia occur at around the same time all year, only varying a little, depending on your location. When the sky is clear enough, the peak of the famous Rinjani Mountain can be viewed from Sekotong Beach. No doubt, it makes the view more priceless.

There’s not much going on at Sekotong Beach. It’s basically a long stretch of narrow beach with a couple of lodges, some were still being built, and villages on the other side of the asphalt road. Others beach close to sekotong is Mekaki Beach, about half an hour .The road was mostly good.. Just before getting there, the road got hilly and at one point you could see Mekaki beach down below from afar, with green landscape and the road all in one frame. You need to be a good motorbike rider because there’s a really steep part of the road.

Mekaki beach is known for the beauty and as a surfing spot. You’d need to prepare your own logistic because there’s no warung, no nothing at the vicinity. There’s not even a single coconut tree at the beach, so the best time to be there if you just want to enjoy the beach would be in the morning or the afternoon.

Other than Mekaki, locals would recommend you to check out Bangko Bangko beach, especially if you surf

The locals that in general the South and West Lombok, including Sekotong, don’t score high in the safety department. When visiting Mekaki, warned to stay close to where we park the motorbike. Got watch out for them bike thieves. And they also don’t encourage us to ride along the west coast at night because there might be robbers. That’s why we didn’t take our time to stop and enjoy sunset on the road after getting some money from the ATM at Lembar.

Selong blanak beach

Selong Belanak Beach is the perfect place to start surfing: Lots of surf instructors and equipment rental, perfect waves for beginners and a shallow sandy beach without corals or stony spots. But also for couples or families the beautiful and long beach offers enough space for all kinds of activities, or just to enjoy the sun. Some Warungs offer local dishes such as fried rice or seafood. Those who value more choice and also international classics will find Laut Biru a very tasty, somewhat upscale restaurant, which also serves delicious cocktails.

The Selong Belanak Beach is located on Lombok about 20 km west of Kuta. It is distinguished above all by the fact that there is something for almost every holidaymaker. Those seeking peace and quiet will find quiet places where they can relax while parents play with their children in the sand or at the entrance to the water. However, the beach is known above all for its water sports conditions and the extremely good offer. Because the Selong Belanak Beach is made for people who want to enter the surf business. The approx. 1 km long sandy beach is lined in the first third by countless surf schools and surfboard rental. The selection of the "right" surf instructor can be difficult.

The numerous bamboo huts not only accommodate surf schools, but also the one or other Warung, an inexpensive small restaurant with local dishes. Those who like it a bit more upscale can also go to the end of the bamboo huts and reach the beautiful restaurant "Laut Biru", where one is spoiled with very tasty food and fantastic cocktails. Families with small children feel particularly at home here. The last third of the long beach offers plenty of space for all kinds of activities on the beach. Here you can also simply treat yourself to some rest and/or enjoy the somewhat secluded togetherness.

For some hours it can happen that the water reaches relatively close to the beach huts. In extreme cases, these are even washed out once or twice a year, which of course severely restricts the lying surface on the beach. After a few hours the sea releases the beach again and it reveals itself the well-known and really very beautiful beach.

Kuta beach Lombok

The best-known place on the south coast is Lombok's Kuta Beach, a magnificent stretch of white sand and blue sea with rugged hills rising around it, but not much else. Plenty of good waves break on the reefs around here,  many supposedly Secret. There are lefts and rights in the bay in front of Kuta, and some more on reefs east of Tanjung Aan. Local boatman will take you out for a few thousands rupiah. Go about seven km east of Kuta to fishing in Gerupuk village, where there are several potential breaks on the reefs at the entrance of Gerupuk Bay.

There's more breaks further east and west, from Blongas to Serewi. Also known as Putri Nyale Beach, Kuta on the south coast of central Lombok is one of the most scenic and unspoiled beaches in this part of Indonesia. From Kuta to Tanjung Aan five km away, it is an unbroken stretch of clean white sand on the Indian Ocean. It is safe for bathing and swimming. Further to the west are the surfers and wind surfer's beaches. Each year, on the 19th day of the tenth month of Sasak lunar calendar on February or March when Nyale fish come to the sea's surface, Kuta Beach is the site of great festivities. Fishermen sail out to sea while young men and women gather along the beach to join in the merrymaking, tease each other and perhaps meet to build a more lasting relationship.

Novotel beach

Novotel Beach offers a pleasant change to the public beaches of Lombok. Although you have to pay for admission, you will find countless amenities such as beach furniture, two pools, sports facilities right on the beach and much more. If that's not enough, there are also many other activities, most of which are subject to a fee, such as diving, canoeing, snorkeling, fishing, massages and much more. The hotel restaurant offers a fantastic view of the sea and the beach. An excellent choice for families and couples, although singles also get their money's worth with the lavish offer.

Seger beach

The Seger Beach is located in the south of Lombok, not far from the town of Kuta, almost right next to Novotel Beach. From Kuta it is easy to reach by scooter or car in 10 minutes. The way there leads you mostly over normal, asphalted roads and gets a bit bumpier and sandy towards the end. However, this is feasible for reasonably safe car/scooter drivers without any problems. Besides, it's quite possible you're crossing a herd of water buffalo. However, they are used to visitors and therefore pay little attention to you. When you reach your destination, you can drive your vehicle to the beach for a small fee and park there.

Seger Beach has to offer, because it is relatively small but very beautiful. Before you can take a seat on the beach, you have to pass some big stones or go to the end of the beach. Because there is a small stone-free aisle. The beautiful beige-white sand invites you to sunbathe and the crystal-clear water to take a refreshing bath. However, some caution is required with the latter, as there are sometimes very high waves and sometimes a somewhat stormy sea. In addition, there are sharp corals and rocks in some places. With a bit of caution, however, nothing speaks against a refreshing bath.

The one friend, the other suffering: surfers really get their heart going on this beach. Experts find here their Eldorado and can be pleased about partly really high waves and a great reef break. Attention: Only something for experienced surfers! What everyone should like, however, is the breathtaking view, which one can enjoy when one climbs the directly adjoining hill. From there you have an incredible view of Seger Beach and the adjacent beaches like Novotel Beach and Aan Beach. You can also enjoy an unforgettable sunrise and sunset here, or watch or film your friends as they conquer the waves on their boards.

Culinary you can get snacks and chilled drinks at the small kiosk. There is also a small selection of Indonesian classics, such as fried rice and noodles. Some beach vendors will also supply you with fresh coconuts and other fruits. Apart from the small toilets and the shady parking spaces at Seger Beach there is no other infrastructure or development.

Mawun Beach

The beautiful Mawun Beach can be easily reached by scooter or car from the next bigger place Kuta. After a 15-minute drive you will see the green sign saying "Mawun Beach". After paying an entrance fee you can drive directly to the beach. Arrived there, one notices directly that the beach drops down a little steeply, but is very beautiful and wide. The sunbeds provided invite you to sunbathe and thanks to the sunshades set up, shade is also provided here. Both can be rented by the hour or by the day in the restaurants behind. Tip: For longer stays the price is usually negotiable. Free toilets are also available. Here, however, one may not expect any star quality in terms of cleanliness.

There are a total of three restaurants and one or the other beach vendors alternately on a daily basis. The restaurants offer simple but tasty dishes at reasonable prices. On the weekends there is also a soft ice cream salesman, who, however, thanks to the electricity generator brought along, can also disturb the longed-for peace a little. Fortunately, Mawun Beach offers alternative possibilities and enough space for all kinds of activities. However, you should bring your own sports equipment such as beach tennis or similar, as you will not find a sports and water sports equipment rental on this beach. The local visitors, most of whom can be found here, however, enjoy participating in one of their casual beach soccer tournaments. Rarely it can come also times to a quite violent swell. In this case it is advisable to use the cooling water only as an experienced swimmer. But thanks to the size of the beach, there is always a place where the waves are suitable for everyone

Lancing beach

The Lancing Beach on Lombok is about 17 km away from the next big village Kuta. The easiest way to reach the beach from there is by scooter. After about 20 minutes a small sign shows you the way to the beach. Once there, an almost deserted beach awaits you to relax and unwind. The clean water and the gently sloping beach invite you to take a bath after the trip. And since you can't expect any sharp stones or the like in the water, you can leave your bathing shoes in the hotel.

At Lancing Beach you will only meet a few local anglers or children who are always interested and friendly to meet a Hello my friend. The peace and quiet you are looking for is therefore not disturbed by anything at this stand. If you want to move around a bit and bring your own sports equipment, you can play great Frisbee, beach soccer or the like in the first third of the beach. At the rest of the beach this becomes a little tedious due to the very loose sand, in which one sinks deeply. The same applies of course also to extended beach walks.

Since one looks for beach salesmen, snack bars or restaurants in vain at the Lancing Beach, one should bring everything, which one needs for a beach day,  Because there's not much to see here but sand, sea and sun. In case of emergency you can buy water and necessary food in the small kios on the street. Families can spend their time on this beach as undisturbed as couples or larger groups.

Tanjung aan beach

The Tanjung Aan Beach is located in the south of Lombok, not far from the city of Kuta and can be easily reached by scooter or car in about 10-15 minutes. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the also well-known Aan Beach and the surfer beach Seger Beach. As on almost all beaches on Lombok, a small parking fee is charged, but you can also park directly on the beach. Due to the enormous length of 2 km, it also has several parking spaces. One in the very west, one in the middle and one in the east, which is also the largest of all. Here also gladly times whole coaches with tourists stop for a beach attendance.

The Tanjung Aan Beach can score mostly with very fine, white sand, as well as with crystal-clear water. However, it must be mentioned that the beach can also be found in sections with some rubbish. The amount can vary by the day as the garbage, which in the case of Tanjung Aan Beach is often mixed with alge, is washed up more or less vigorously under certain conditions. The locals always try to get rid of the garbage as best they can. Thanks to the enormous size of Tanjung Aan Beach, fortunately you have more than enough alternative possibilities and should be able to discover many very clean and very beautiful beach sections without problems.

The Tanjung Aan Beach has two particularly beautiful viewpoints to offer. A hill is located about the middle of the beach. It has a flat plateau and is therefore often used for events such as weddings. The somewhat steeper but also higher mountain lies at the western end of the beach. The ascent here is not as comfortable as on the hill in the middle, but here you are rewarded with a fantastic view. The height of the mountain also allows you for the first time to capture the great Tanjung Aan Beach in its entire size. It also offers views of many other nearby beaches such as Aan Beach and Seger Beach.

When you climb this mountain in the west, you will inevitably pass the only warung of the beach, This restaurant invites you with its cozy beach furniture, which is free for guests, to stay and knows how to spoil you with local specialties. Here you can choose fresh seafood in addition to the famous Indonesian classics such as fried rice and noodles. Cocktails and alcoholic beverages are offered as well as soft drinks and juices. In the middle of Tanjung Aan Beach, where the large parking lot and the other lookout hill are located, you will find a few small kios which provide you with snacks and chilled drinks.

Sports cannons are rather moderately served at Tanjung Aan Beach. Surfing is possible, but the beach is generally not known for its surfing conditions. Due to the mostly shallow water it is more suitable for kiting or sailing. Own equipment is required, because there is no rental of sports equipment on this beach. The beach is also ideal for activities outside the cool water, as it has sand that is sometimes so hard that some scooter riders even use it as a shortcut.

Pink Beach Lombok

The Pink Beach is located in the northeast of Lombk and is about one and a half to two and a half hours away from the next bigger tourist place Kuta. We recommend a navigation device or a good map, paired with a good sense of orientation. The first two thirds of the way lead you over mostly normal and asphalted roads. The last third, however, becomes very bumpy. The road turns into an unpaved gravel road with large potholes and steep climbs. The journey is therefore only recommended if you are an experienced driver. Otherwise there is often the possibility to rent a car including driver for one or more days on Lombok. In the last period it says: Keep your eyes open. With a bit of luck you can see monkeys in the wild.

If you expect a sand a lá Pink Panther at Pink Beach, you might be a little disappointed. But first of all: If you want to experience the pink color in its full splendor, you should come to the beach in the early morning hours. When the sea has retreated a bit, it releases more of the more pink-colored beach area. Otherwise you can see a pink glimmer in the sand. This is also incredibly fine by the way. If you look closely at the sand, you can see many small pink particles, which have been removed from the local pink corals. The water is really crystal clear to match this beautiful sandy beach. Our tip for your holiday photo: you can take the perfect holiday picture if you climb the small hill at the western end of the beach!

For those who get hungry at Pink Beach, there are some simple kiosks and warungs at the western end that provide you with local specialties and drinks. A few basics in Indonesian would certainly be of advantage here, as the majority of the locals go out to eat here and there are virtually no menus. But with hands and feet and some English you can also come to your meal. Another little warung you will find at the eastern end of Pink Beach. In terms of water sports, Pink Beach naturally cannot compete with other beaches in Lombok such as Selong Belanak or Mawi Beach. However, the underwater world invites for a snorkel trip or two. And the relatively firm sand can be quite useful for a game of beach ball, boules or the like. Pink Beach is perfect for a relaxing day on the beach for people who just want to enjoy the really beautiful surroundings and this truly great beach in its original form. It is therefore mostly visited by families, couples or singles looking for rest and is also recommended for such people.

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