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It is easy to get lombok from bali flight time it only 30 minutes and airfares start around 450.000 (approx U$ 37 ) one way.Buy ticket by online direct to airline or contact local travel agent in both bali and Lombok.Lombok International airport (LIA )Commonly says BIL and using IATA code LOP is the airport on Lombok.The airport is close to praya ( central Lombok) approximately 40 Km south of the city mataram and around 1,5 hours drive from senggigi and 20 minutes from kuta south Lombok.Garuda airline has direct flight between bali and lombok every day and wing air also.Lombok International flight has full visa on arrival,with fast and efficient visa processing A 30 day tourist cost $ 35

Silk air flies direct between lombok and singapore five time per week,Air ais flight between lombok and two destination in malaysia with many international connection available.Flight between lombok and kuala lumpur operate everyday and between Lombok and johor baru 3 times per week.Garuda flies between kuala lumpur in malaysia and Lombok everyday,with a short stop over in jakarta international connection from around the world are available.  

European connection are easy via jakarta,bali and others capital cities such as jogyakarta,surabaya & makasar.Direct flight from jakarta to lombok are available every day and are usually time to connect with european Flight.Lombok is easy accessible from jakarta,bali,jogyakarta,surabaya and makasar and is important connection for travel to the easten island,in particular the islands of sumbawa,komodo and flores.

Garuda airline are direct flight Lombok & bali four times a day,also between lombok,jakarta,makasar and Surabaya every day.The flight to jakrta and Bali are operated by garuda using Boing 737-800NGs

CityLink Has direct flight between Lombok and surabaya.Airport domerstik Bandra Juanda surabaya.This Airline has online booking

Lion Air has direct flight betwee Lombok jakrta,Jogyakarta,surabaya every day.The flight to Jakarta are operated by Lion air using Boing 737-900ERs and 737-800NGs.Flight to Bali and Surabaya are operated by wing Air(regional) using ATR72-500/600.New generation turbo prop Aircraft


Lombok International Airport.IATA LOP currently handles international arrivals and has full visa on arrival facilities (VOA) with efficient and fast Visa processsing

Silk Air (a regiaonal airline and subsidiary of singapore Airlines) flies direct between Lombok and Singapore.Three times per week.Air bus Silk Air A319.

Malaysian airline (air asia) flies to lombok 5 day a week air bus,direct lombok malaysia- Lombol- malaysia.

Garuda Airline flies between (KUL) Kuala Lumpur in maleysia and Singapore and Lombok everyday with a short stop over in Jakarta.all other international connections are available via jakarta.Code shores with KLM and Emirates.Flight arrival and departure as domestic service.Boing 737-800NGs

Padang Bai harbour provides the sea link between mainland bali and lombok.Lembar harbour is on the southwest coast.approx 1 hour drive from senggigi.arrange own transport and buy ticket direct from harbour or contact our local agent booking lombok holidays tour.Public ferry depart every hour for the sea voyage between padang bali (Bali) harbour and lembar harbour ( Lombok) the crossing between the island cost 85.000 rupiah per person and take approx 4 to 5 hours.

Thera are now Numberious fast boat services operating between Bali and Lombok.Thisis the fastest way to get from bali to the Lombok Island.Most routes serve in Gili trawangan,and Teluk kodek on mainland Lombok.Some also go to Gili Air which guarantees good safety and services standards while also providing replacement flight and transfer in the relativety rare event og rough seas cancelations,the website provides online reservation and seat availibilty for the carries mentioned below ( as well as a trusted selection of other operators)alternatively you can email your travel agent for a qoute or email fast boat companies derictly via thier own website.

with crossing time of just 2 hour ,Gili cat provide the quickest sea crossing between bali and Lombok of the all fast boat operators.Price includes free transfers between padang bay,ubud,kuta,jimbaran,nusa dua and sanur.ohters locations are available with small additional

Blue water expressed,operated by Blue water safaries,provides transfer between Bali and Gili trawangan,BWS operates three Boat with 48,25 and 30 passager capacities,departing from serangan ( near Benoa Harbour) at 08.00 am and 10.00 an and from Padang bai Harbour at.11.15am every day.Return transfer from Gili trawangan is at 11.00 am fares include air conditioned hotel transfer in

Marina srikandi twice a day from padang bai to senggigi,gili trawangan,return.big capacities with new concept with air condition.reservation contact us by email.cost IDR 350.000 one way.

Lombok offers travelers of all ages numerous and various leisure activities to enjoy.There are variety of hotels, resorts and villas to choose from high class to budget,even aviable lowest class accomodation in tourist area like home stay cost 200.000 IDR/room/night

Peel the fruit before eating,and wash by clean water fruit before eating,avoid raw vegetables except at reputable restaurants. Ice in restaurants is safe. Drink always from bottled water and eat well done cooking food, unless when eating at recommended restaurants/cafes or hotel's outlet.water from tap water for bath and wash only.forbidden direct drink.

Street or beach vendors are often pushing too hard on selling and most visitors feel inconvenient. Never try to look at any of their item/s even they might be interesting to you, even this could be fun for those who want to learn about bargaining tehniq.For most visitors this is hassling.

Protect yourself from the intense equatorial sun. Use sun block and hat. Sexually transmitted diseases are increasing in Indonesia.Local sex workers have multiple partners from all over the world. Act responsibly and use condoms, available over the counter at pharmacies.

Due to the limited number of flights to Lombok, during the peak season we highly recommend you to make flight booking far in advanced. Don't forget to ask your local tour operator to re-confirm your ticket minimum 24 hours in advanced to ensure yourself to get seats.

Most tourist facilities in Lombok (Gili Islands & Senggigi) remain open during Ramadhan. Local Restaurants might close in residential area in Mataram or Cakranegara to respect the majority of Moesleem Fasting. Tourist are suggested to eat and drinks in hotel's or resort's area.

You must have at least 6 (six) months validity of passport to enter Indonesia.Visa On Arrival (VOA) can be obtain at the International Airports in major cities of Indonesia.According to customs regulations, one adult is allowed to bring into Indonesia a maximum of one liter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 1000 grams of tobacco, and reasonable amount of perfume.Photographic, video and filming equipment radios, typewriters, and cars are admitted provide they are recorded in your passport on entry and taken out of the country on departure.Narcotic, firearm and ammunition, TV set, and Chinese medicine are strictly prohibited. Fresh fruit, plants and animals must be passed by Quarantine Office.


Visitor can explore the tiny island by using various kind of transportation such as car hire,Taxi, Bus, Bemo/Angkot (local’s public transportation) and motorcycle.Public Transportation or known locally as "Bemo or Angkot", a non-AC minivan are available in major town with quite inexpensive price. They take and drop off local passenger and often load over capacity, without travel insurance coverage. For those who prefer to travel more privately, car-hire option or charter or motorbike rental may be the choice. The prices, however, do not always included insurance. And they vary depending upon the type of vehicle and the duration of hiring. Petrol pomp and service stations are available at every large town. In emergency there are always road side kiosks fuels out of drums at a bit dearer price.If you rent a car (self drive), you may find the rental fare are much more expensive than in Bali because of limited car available on Lombok. While driving yourself, please take out most care since the traffic rules may be some what different from those observed in your country. Indonesian and any other Asian Countries uses "right side steering system"An international drivers license is required, but one can apply for temporary permit in Lombok and go for test driver in tourist driving license office in Jalan Langko Mataram Lombok.It is compulsory to wear a crash helmet while you ere on the road on a motorbike. Helmets are available at motorbike hire outlets. Small horse drawn carts called Cidomo serve as convenient transportation during off hours and off the beaten track.

Things to consider in selecting accommodation for a family or group are:

Try to choose a location that is popular and close to family oriented attractions i.e. near the beach,mini market, restaurants and amusements.Facilities Make sure your accommodation choice is suitable for kids,it has a children's pool,connecting doors,play ground etc.some venues are unsuitable for family groups.TransportWhen you travel with a family,it will be much more convenient if you use private transport.Check with your travel agent venue if they provide private transport as part of the holiday package.Pricing Does your accommodation choice offer discounts for children under a certain age?ActivitiesJust about every attraction are children friendly - which makes Lombok and Bali are ideal destination for parents as well; from surf, sand and beach activities; cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, and traditional local's life style experiences; adventure activities such as rafting, cycling, bungee jumping and elephant rides; and theme parks such as Bali Bird Park, Water boom, Butterfly Park, etc.


Traveling with babies can be a surprisingly delightful experience, as long as our fulfillment of their basic needs is kept pretty much on schedule.their schedule. Babies aren't as fragile as parents sometimes fear. It’s most likely that your baby enjoys the trip. Babies often find flying soothing and usually fall asleep listening to the hum of the engines, which by the way, disguises the sound of a baby crying very well.By three months your baby is a pretty good candidate for flying. It isn’t a good idea to bring your baby for air travel before this age. In the first week, the baby’s heart and respiratory systems couldn’t cope well enough with the reduced level of oxygen during the flight and at the age of two months, your child would still be susceptible to infection and should avoid all crowds, especially in a closed environment, such as the airplane cabin. The best part is that a three month old baby also can't run around. There is no evidence that flying is unsafe for babies, if they are healthy. If you fly with your baby on either long or short flights, you should follow these guidelines:

Pack well in advance and check that you have all necessary documents. Children are sensitive to parental anxiety. Minimize your baby’s stress by reducing yours. Prepare a bag for your baby for use on the flight and include favorite foods, snacks, toys, diapers, wipes and so forth. Drinks and food, take more than you think you'll need for emergencies and the inevitable delays. If you are breastfeeding drink plenty of water whilst flying.Some of the Airline Companies cater for small children’s needs. You can check this out when you are booking and can pre-order special food for your baby.

Feed baby both during take off and upon landing.Swallowing encourages baby’s ears to clear ‘air blocks’. Also make sure your baby takes appropriate feeds and doesn’t become dehydrated. Keep your baby cool. Remove hats and extra clothing. When you check your baby, if he or she is sweating or the tummy feels hot to the touch, take off some clothing. Don't worry if the baby's hands or feet feel cool, this is normal.Place your baby on their back to sleep. Some experts advise to give baby massages, usually two or three days, before and after flying. Massage before flying helps the baby to be more relaxed, in hope for a smooth flight and massage after flying helps the baby cope with jet lag, or other differences at the destination. Anyway, as long as there’s no contraindication for massaging the baby, such as muscle or bone disorders (fracture, dislocation, or ask your doctor for more information), massages won’t harm your baby if done gently. 

Baby Massage Technique
Use natural oil like organic sunflower or olive. Make sure your hands glide easily and for the best results use a firm touch. Pull baby's leg through your palms and fingers, hand over hand, from the thigh to foot, repeat three or four times. Give your baby's leg a gentle shake. Now do the same with the other leg Then massage both legs together. Place your hands on the inside thighs and pull downwards around the back of the thighs, down the back of the knees, calves and feet. Repeat three or four times. Now stroke firmly two or three times down the front of the legs.This will help relax your baby’s legs and feet and stimulate their circulation. The baby’s hands feet and head are the coldest parts of their body until their circulatory system is fully developed. Lay the weight of your open, relaxed hand on baby's tummy and, without pressing but rather using the relaxed weight, your hand, massage their tummy clockwise, the same direction as the baby's digestive system. Now lay your relaxed hand across your baby’s tummy and gently press from side to side (not downwards) between the hips and the ribs. This stimulates the large and small intestine and will help to relieve wind, colic fractiousness, and anxiety. Place your hands on the centre of your baby's chest and massage upwards and outwards, over the shoulders. Draw both arms down vertically through the centre of your palms repeat a few times and give the arms a gentle shake. This will relax your baby’s arms and shoulders and stimulate the circulation of their arms and hands. Rest your hands on the front of baby's shoulders and using their relaxed weight draw them downwards over the chest, hips, legs and feet. Repeat three or four times before turning your baby onto their tummy. Once on their tummy, if they can, help your baby to bring their hands forward so they can rest on their elbows. Now stroke firmly, using lots of oil, hand over hand several times, down your baby’s back. With a relaxed open hand, stroke clockwise several times around the base of the spine and buttocks. Now rest both your hands on the back of your baby's shoulders and stroke downwards two or three times over the back and down the legs to the feet. Remember to place your baby on their back to sleep and on their belly to play. 


Local porters at the harbor do not let the local porters carry your bags for whatever reason.This guys are usually try to be gentle or act like a boatman crew. They often charge an expensive and unreasonable amount. If you have to pay,a regular porter cost is about IDR 10,000/bag. Do not buy any mosquitoes coil from some kids at the harbor, as they are trying to sell things at the highest they can. There are lots of shops on the Islands selling those stuffs with better prices. Do not try to look at the things that they offers, and do not make any promises to say "maybe later".Those guys can recognize your face and ask for the promises. When you returned from the gili Island, many kids brings water to wash your foot. At first you may feel convenient, but at the end they ask some better give them some school needs i.e: pens, or writing book. It's better not to let them do anything to you.Carry small changes to pay public buses or taxi if you need to be picked up under your own arrangement. If you have to go by private car, try to fix the price first  or ask price rather than argue at the end of the journey.

Swimming & Snorkeling
Stonefish are found on the coral reefs where they are camouflaged and almost invisible.They are poisonous if stepped on. Also, be aware of strong currents while swimming or snorkeling. It is best to ask the advice of a dive master before swimming alone. Jelly Fish is almost invisible on the water. It looks like a crystal/plastic, but very dangerous. Some kind of jelly fish is making your skin itchy, and some are poisoning. Use a high protection of Sun Cream. The weather can be very hot on the afternoon.Do not leave any valuable belongings unattended at the beach while swimming or snorkeling. Ask for a deposit box at the hotel where you stay.

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