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Lombok Tourism and Culture

Lombok Culture Tourism is a type of tourism activity in which the main motivation of visitors is to learn, find experiences, and know tangible and intangible cultural products in a tourist destination. These attractions and products are related to a set of material, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional features that are typical of a society, which include art, historical and cultural heritage, literature, music, creative industries, and a living culture with lifestyles, value systems, beliefs, and traditions.

One type of cultural tourism destination is a living cultural area. Visiting any culture other than one’s own is like traveling somewhere. The goal is to know historical sites, modern urban areas, and the ethnicity of cities or villages.

culture tourism lombok

3 distinguishes the sectors of cultural tourism.

1. The route or destination of the trip: study trips or cultural trips Thematic field trips: urban tourism, rural tourism

2. The theme of the trip undertaken (tourism of cultural heritage, tourism of contemporary culture, tourism of cultural heritage and contemporary culture), It has been shown that cultural attractions and events are particularly strong magnets for tourism. In light of this, many cultural districts add visitor services to key cultural areas to bolster tourist activity.

3. The term cultural tourism is used for journeys that include visits to cultural resources, regardless of whether they are tangible or intangible and regardless of the primary motivation. In order to properly understand the concept of cultural tourism, it is necessary to know the definitions of a number of terms such as, for example, culture, tourism, cultural economy, cultural and tourism potentials, cultural and tourist offer, and others.

Culture and Tourism in Lombok

  • Mosque Bayan Beleq (the old mosque)
  • Taman Mayura( King Palace, Karang Asem)
  • Taman Narmada( King Water Park)
  • Pura Lingsar (Muslim and Hindu temple)
  • Pura Batu Bolong (a Hindu temple)
  • Sade Village (traditional village)
  • Ende Village (traditional village)
  • Pura Suranadi (an old Hindu temple in Lombok)
  • Pura Meru (the big Hindu temple in Cakra Negara)
  • Islamic Center (the big mosque in the capital of Lombok, Mataram)
  • Museum mataram
  • Makam Loang Baluq (moslem cemetary)
  • Makam Selaparang (cematary king of Selapang Lombok)
  • Pura Gunung Pangsong (a Hindu temple built on the hill)

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