How To Get Lombok

Getting to Lombok island there are many transportation options you can easily book via online, since with all the system booking by internet, you could choose the transportation such as by plane, speed boat from Serangan, Nusa Panida, Padang bai Bali & ferry from Padang bai too.

By Plane

The easiest and fastest way to reach Lombok is by taking a plane. There are daily direct flights from Jakarta and Bali to Lombok International Airport.  Central Lombok Praya District is located about 30 km from kuta beach or an hour drive from Mataram town

Airlines that fly to Lombok are Garuda, Lion Air, Silk Air & air Asia

getting to lombok

By slow Ferry or public ferry

Public ferry from Padang bai Harbor (Bali) to Lembar Harbor (Lombok) available every hour. The journey takes around 4-5 hours. Motorcycles and cars can be taken by ferry.

If you are prone to seasickness, be careful as the journey can take a long time. also there is a Ferry traveling from poto tano sumbawa Harbor to Labuhan Lombok harbor available every day open every 1 hour.

By Fast Boat 

Fast boat from Bali to Lombok. There are 3 departure ports from Bali: Serangan (right near Benoa Harbor), Padang Bai Harbor and Nusa Penida. The trip takes around 2-3 hours from Bali to the port of Bangsal in the north of Lombok

How to holiday in Lombok

Booking Lombok holidays Tour Offering transportation services: 

We provide various types of transportation for the convenience of your holiday on the island of Lombok, with good English speaking guides & drivers. Visiting many natural places & beautiful tourist spots with a great atmosphere, culture and different panorama

Our transportation is available for private tours, such as transfer needs from the airport or Harbor to the hotel & to explore more about Lombok island tourism.

We provide private transfer service to your destination

From Airport to:

No Destination Estimate time
1 Senggigi 1 hours
2 Bangsal 1,5 hours
3 Senaru 3 hours
4 Mataram 45 minutes
5 Sembalun 3hours
5 Sekotong 2 hours
6 Kuta 20 minutes
7 Selong blanak 30 minutes
8 tetebatu 2 hours

From Bangsal harbor to:

No Destination Estimate time
1 Senggigi 20 minutes
2 airport 1,5 hours
3 Senaru 2 hours
4 Mataram 45 minutes
5 Sembalun 3 hours
5 Sekotong 3 hours
6 Kuta 2 hours
7 Selong blanak 2,15 minutes
8 tetebatu 2 hours

From Lembar Harbor to:

No Destination Estimate time
1 Senggigi 1hour
2 airport 45 minutes
3 Senaru 3 hours
4 Mataram 45 minutes
5 Sembalun 3,5 hours
5 Sekotong 1 hours
6 Kuta 1,5 hours
7 Selong blanak 2 hours
8 tetebatu 2 hours

What about if you are already in Lombok?

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