Lombok Culinary

Various kinds of culinary Lombok Island

Lombok, a small island, is not only known for its culture and art; it is also known for its cuisine, which has a special taste of hot and spicy. The island name “Lombok” in Bahasa Indonesia means chili paper, which is always used in all Lombok food. Not only Lombok traditional food, but other foods such as Padang food, Chinese food, Betawi food, and western food are also easy to find in restaurants around Lombok, but they are still dominated by Lombok food.

lombok culinary

Plecing Kangkung

Plecing Kangkung is very popular in Lombok as a daily dish to eat together with plain rice. Plecing kangkung consists of a boiled kangkung (water spinach) seasoning with Sambal Terasi (Special Lombok Chili Sauce) made from grounded fresh red chili, tomato, sprouts, salt, grilled coconut, roasted shrimp paste, and lime. It’s hot and spicy.

Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang, a tour of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, will not be complete without tasting the local food of Ayam Taliwang. The uniqueness of Ayam Taliwang comes from the chicken that is used, still fresh and young. Besides that, it can also be served as fried chicken, spicy roasted chicken, or honey roasted chicken. Ayam Taliwang is always served together with Plecing Kangkung, spicy chili sauce, and rice.

Bebalung sasak

Bebalung, in the Sasak language, means ribs. This food is called bebalung because it is made from cow or goat ribs. Its cooking is similar to common soup but very well done, so the meat at the bones becomes very soft with traditional seasoning blends. This menu is always available at every celebration for local residents. Served with plain rice, a slice of lemon, and chili, it is fresh and tasty. The soup and chili are served separately, so someone who can’t eat spicy food can try this.

Sate Ikan Tanjung

Sate Ikan Tanjung (Fish Satay) originally came from a village called Tanjung in northern Lombok. Pieces of fresh snapper or tuna mixed with coconut milk, lemongrass, garlic, chili paper, and spices are wrapped on a sate stick and grilled. It is easy to find this satay in Ampenan and Tanjung, where the food comes from. Usually served separately with young chili.

Sate Pusut (Pusut Satay)

This kind of satay is made from coconut, seasoning, and meat. Mix together and put in the stick, then grill. This food is available at every celebration as a choice beside Satay Tanjung, Chicken Satay, and Lamb Satay.


Ares is a kind of curry dish made from Ares (Batang Pisang), or in English, banana stem, especially the inner part, cooked together with special seasoning in coconut milk and mixed with the meat of chicken, beef, or even fish. It has become one of the menu items that should be available with the sate (satay), bebalung, and pelecing kangkung on every celebration in Lombok, such as weeding, local rituals, and Hari Raya Lebaran (Idul fitri), always served with rice.

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